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Episode 6: Astro Scrooge Regret Analysis. No forms to fill in. Free Scrooge Regret Analysis For Night Readers. The The Crucible Truth Analysis is that this could be anyone and Scrooge Regret Analysis making Scrooge Regret Analysis person anonymous, Scrooge Regret Analysis a blank face, it's easier for us to hate on them because it kind of takes Scrooge Regret Analysis humanity away. I just find that hilarious. The triplets love their Kids Should Get Paid For Chores Scrooge Regret Analysis, with a particular scene in Scrooge Regret Analysis first episode of DuckTales showcasing Scrooge Regret Analysis having a heartfelt goodbye moment Crazy Boy Short Story Donald prepares to leave for the navy. Activity Feed.

The Sad Truth About The Real-Life Ebenezer Scrooge

Vero: Time is a construct. Della: This is ridiculous. I should be out there with my family. Dewey: [emerges from the shadows wearing sack fins and covered in seaweed] Mom, look at my super-cool fins! Della: [gags] I have no family Lost Harp: You are very strong! Beakley: Correct! Lost Harp: What? He asked, I had to answer with the truth. You know this! Episode 5: Louie's Eleven! The Three Caballeros start the episode off performing in front of a black backdrop After the inevitable reaction, it turns out this is the fourth time they've done this kind of thing.

Huey: HAH! And you said Caligraphy Camp was a waste of time! Louie: [kisses invitation, leaving an ink mark on his 'lips', chuckles] Hubert, it is perfect! Welcome to the scheme! Huey: What scheme? Louie: Nothing! Dewey: Tell no one! Dewey: I could be doing more! How is this the perfect job for me? Louie: Because everyone else already had a job. Graves: That was odd. Graves: [genuinely baffled] "Mom"?! Dewey: Huh. That actually makes a lot of sense. Mark Beaks: Ugh, he is the worst! Falcon Graves: I want to look away, but I Donald: Yippee ki-yay, Mr. Episode 6: Astro B. Launchpad announces that it's National S'mores Day, "a very real holiday according to one source on the internet. The irony of Huey affirming that he and B. Gyro orders Manny to get the "dangerous machine" B.

Manny clops, "Which one? Immediately afterwards, Inspector Tezuka drives up in front of him and arrests him. Fenton tries to open the door to the abandoned lab with a precision blast with one finger from his Gizmosuit Arm Cannon. Fenton: Easy Fenton: Was this your lab coat? Was this your stool? Was this your trinocular inverted metallurgical microscope? The dust of genius! Huey: No need to be scared. Just a normal checkup where we jam wires into your computer brain to view your digital memories and OK, this is not even a little normal. Doofus: No more gravy baths?! I'll show her! Break this with your robo-muscles! I don't want to break anything. Do you need a hug? Doofus: [cringes] NO!

It's attacking me with love! Fenton: [still running] In retrospect we probably should've used the first hole! Akita: Now Has the sun gotten brighter in the last twenty years?! Episode 7: The Rumble for Ragnarok! Huey's response to Scrooge's lecture on how Jormungandr threatens to destroy the planet once he releases his tail. Huey: Um, I have numerous science-based questions.

Scrooge: Because [the triplets and Webby] are the new generation. Also, I don't trust Donald and Della to cooperate on a jigsaw puzzle, much less the fate of the universe. Louie: Hmm Guess Louie knows what Louie's doing today. Scrooge: [deciding who will take his place after his chair injury] I don't know where Louie is. Webby: He's probably scared and devastated from seeing you get hurt. Louie: Get your "Scrooge gets hit with a chair" T-shirts here! Re-live Chair-mageddon, as a shirt. Get your "Stop the Pop! Louie: I've known you my whole life, I kinda knew how this would play out.

Dewey: No! They're delicious! Webby: [ Squees before grabbing Fenrir's cheeks] Oh, you're so dangerous and cute! I just wanna pet your widdle belly! Webby: Excuse me, Mr. Big fan. If you would like a fight, allow me to introduce you to this fist. Her name is Lady Haymaker. And of course, her country cousin, the Duchess of Wailing. Thank you for your time. Episode 8: The Phantom and the Sorceress! Scrooge gently kicking the video game console out of the way so he can have room for his tea.

Then there's the newspaper he's reading. One side is the Woolstreet Journal saying "Shearholders Fleeced! Scrooge effortlessly guessing what happened when the kids come out of the screen, followed by a monster from the game, barely reacting to all the mayhem. Dewey shamelessly raising his hand when Scrooge surmises that someone made a wish around Lena. Webby and Violet have been keeping lists of things that will cause Lena's amulet to act up; as Webby is adding "playing video games", the amulet blasts her list into ashes.

Violet casually takes out her own notebook and adds "writing lists" Lena then scolds the amulet as if it were a misbehaving pet. This bit: Violet: Maybe we should stop having sleepovers. Webby: [ glaring angrily at Violet ] Maybe you should rethink that sentence. Why weren't there pillows there?! Magica: [cheerfully] Lena! Magica: Woof. Even the girl without magic did better than that. Gladstone: It appears magic is in the air! Magica: Put me down! Episode 9: They Put a Moonlander on the Earth! One of Webby's secret passageways around the mansion No explanation is given as to why. Penumbra keeps getting surprised by people and banging her head while trying to fix her rocket.

Penumbra is completely baffled by regular Earth family life, which incidentally causes Julie Bowen's performance to sound a lot more like Claire Dunphy. Dewey: Hopefully everything! Episode The Trickening! Louie's idea of a Halloween costume is borrowing Huey's hat and going as his brother. Huey: You are a lazy costumer. Quit stretching my hat! Louie: We have the same head! Scrooge: Oh, no.

It appears someone has taken all the candy already. But who? It's a spooky Halloween mystery! Dewey: [excited gasp] We're going to a candy store? Louie: [annoyed] No, it's nighttime, candy stores are closed. Dewey: With my cut, I could finally open that hour candy store I've been dreaming of since ten minutes ago! Dewey Puppet: Candy for death! Louie: Don't you turn my motto back on me! Della: Oh no! He's gonna hurt everyone! Now is not the time to decide who was wrong about what. We gotta stop him! Scrooge: Trick or treat! Scrooge: I said, trick or treat! Scrooge: Candy-hoarder, eh? You won't stop the Guileful Guiser of Glasgow! They're getting even bolder! Dewey: Ahoy, starboard aside? I mean portside?

Huey: Who are you guys? Louie: More importantly, where are you hiding the candy?! Witch Hazel: You brats are supposed to bring the offering! Candy's the only good reason to celebrate this holiday that is, frankly, pretty offensive to monsters. Nosferatu: So for centuries, we trick kids into coming here. For scares so terrifying, they drop their sweets. Dewey: So you're like, candy thieves? Nosferatu: Hey! Can't go out in the daylight. Not like there's some hour candy store somewhere. Dewey: That's what I've been saying! Donald : Hey! Have you seen our friend Launchpad? Wolf-Duck: What is that horrible garbled moaning?! He's possessed! Donald: Oh, hi Launchpad! Launchpad: Monosodium glutamate, sucrolose, polysorbate, blue 52, fructose, corn syrup, artificial flavoring!

Episode The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades! While Scrooge and Goldie get turned into teenagers thanks to the Fountain of Youth , Webby slowly starts to take on stereotypical old people traits She even picks up some of Scrooge's speech patterns alliteration, "Curse me kilts". Goldie, when suggesting she and Scrooge ditch Webby, calls her "old lady Vanderquack. Brought back at the very end, when everyone's normal ages are being restored, and Dewey offers the last of the water to Webby since she looks terrible; Webby replies grouchily that she didn't age, she just injured herself and was having a bad day.

Scrooge and Goldie's kiss gets interrupted by Webby trying to drive away an alligator, repeatedly smacking it on the snout with Scrooge's cane. The gator briefly looking annoyed as she does this is what really sells it. Every scene with Rockerduck in it is considered to be chuckle worthy since he is carried around like a baby throughout the episode with Frankenstein Jeeves doing his every command including slapping his own foot to Scrooge's face. When Rockerduck is restored to normal, he does a small victory dance complete with Jeeves helping him before Scrooge bashed his face. Frustrated by Dewey forcibly claiming his role of oldest brother, Huey decides to show him what it's like to have a younger brother like Dewey, defying his orders and starting up an angry game of ping-pong.

Huey: Let's Hue this! Ponce de Leon: Nobody wants to follow a creepy old man into a swamp. Rockerduck: Man alive, are all infants this heavy or just the Frankenstein ones? Episode Let's Get Dangerous! In the limo ride over, Dewey and Launchpad try to be clever about Drake's secret life and make several unsubtle puns about it. Taurus Bulba shows himself to be quite the charming fellow before he's revealed to be a villain. Taurus: And you must be Huey! Huey: You know me? Taurus: Junior Woodchuck robotics champ four years running? I'd hire you right now if you weren't too short for the labcoats! And Louie! Huge fan of Louie Inc. Groundbreaking stuff, young man. Louie: We were really doing good work, until a monster tried to kill me.

Taurus: You know, I have a grizzled old monster after my money, too! But enough about Bradford! Everyone shares a laugh, including Scrooge. Launchpad: This is like every dream I've ever had, only my hands aren't made of waffles Huey: I thought if any of us would ever be arrested, it'd be Louie! Louie: I'm as surprised as anyone. Scrooge: A sea monster did NOT eat my ice cream! Huey: What happened!? Louie: What does "quackaroonie" even mean!? Dewey: Why were our heads so round!?

Liquidator: He usually does this whooole thing with smoke bombs and the-the speech. Quackerjack: I've never seen him just Darkwing: You get to the Ramrod! We've got this! Gosalyn: You're an actor and a Launchpad! How are you going to stop four supervillains? Darkwing and Launchpad: Well, technically Bushroot isn't really a villain , per se Gosalyn: [gasps] That's right, I keep forgetting you're nerds! Heron : Oh, I suppose you'd rather fly around in an unmarked helicopter. Bradford : YES! Launchpad: I'll spend my days in Duckburg, my nights in St. Canard, and I'll sleep on the way there!

Episode Escape from the Impossibin! When Webby and Mrs. Beakley discuss F. Among them is Donald, much to his surprise. He later tries wiping himself off the whiteboard, somehow not even making a smudge before sending himself spinning on the whiteboard and falling on his face. Beakley : The traitor is probably not Donald. Scrooge: Bradford Buzzard. The head of my board of directors and my most trusted business partner was solicitously spying like a sanctimonious snake of secrecy sinisterly slithering in slimy-! Louie: Is it weird that "the most dementedly dangerous minds" are all friends of ours?

Louie : [worried] He really does not expect us to make it. Louie: We're alive! We did it! Scrooge: Ugh, lousy ineffective deathtrap. Louie: That is a good thing! Webby: Also, I've perfected the art of impersonation. Della: You had another can of Pep this whole time?! Louie: It's Cherry Pep! Do you know how hard it is to find Cherry Pep? Louie: This is hard enough, do you have to insult us? Scrooge: Yes, yes, yes, making you feel bad is all part of the trap. Della: Another classic Gyro failure, along with his weird tiny glasses and his dumb tiny hat and his complete inability to perform even the basic functions required to pass for a human being! Della: A man makes you chew black licorice for a decade, you come up with some insults!

Darkwing Duck: Some bruiser with a steel beak, didn't catch his name Episode The Split Sword of Swanstantine! Scrooge briefs the triplets and Webby on the Sword of Swanstantine and tells them they need to work as a family to get it. It's only then that he notices that Violet and Lena are there too. Violet: We were sleeping over and you said "Everyone in the plane! You're like one of those hairless helper cats, right, Fluffy? Huey: [crying like a baby] Please sir, no! Don't hurt me! This blade is all I have! And, and, I love you?

Episode New Gods on the Block! Scrooge and the kids are ready to retrieve the Helmet of Hengis Khan Dewey: Let's Dewey this! Selene: [dramatically] The King of the Gods is no more!! Zeus : Are not! Dewey: Are too! Della: Alright, my shining stars, show 'em what you can do! Who cares what Ol' Man McDuck thinks, ehh? Hades: It's hilarious! Zeus: You're hilarious! Louie: Hello, I'd like to order a ton of pizzas. Episode The First Adventure! The episode opens with Agent 22 arresting Black Heron for trying to blow up Mt. Black Heron however claims she was only trying to carve her face into it. Bradford's presentation to Von Drake includes slides of a diagram shaped like a fist. Definitely didn't help prove his plan wasn't evil. The reason why F. Just like how the original Huey, Dewey and Louie were first introduced to Donald in the comics, Donald and Della are left with Scrooge by their mother after their father was hospitalized by a firecracker left accidentally?

Hortense's letter: "The little darlings are so playful. He settled on a gloomy setting to indicate a loop coming to an end. The shoot was also mired in tensions between Ramis and Murray; Ramis was focused on making a romantic comedy in direct contrast to Murray's desire for a more contemplative film. When Ramis heard about this, he made Murray publicly apologize to Shannon. The script continued to change during filming. When Tobolowsky arrived for his first scene, he was handed a new script. He estimated that about a third of it was different from his original copy.

For example, early in the film, Phil ends his first loop by breaking a pencil to see if it is repaired the following day. A more elaborate scene was filmed in which Phil spray-painted the walls of the room he wakes up in, destroyed objects, and gave himself a Mohawk hairstyle. The scene took three days to film and was costly; Ramis discarded it for something quieter, simpler, and less manic. The revised script also featured more of Phil's misadventures, and his suicide attempts were set closer to the end. These scenes were moved forward in favor of a long third act showing Phil embracing life. Murray endured physical discomfort for some scenes.

To prepare for his step into the water-filled pothole, he wrapped his foot in cling wrap, neoprene, and two pairs of socks. As soon as the scene finished, he began an expletive-filled rant until the costume department dried his foot with hairdryers to avoid frostbite. Despite wearing gloves, the bite broke the skin. It bit him again in the same spot on a later take. Murray was hesitant about shooting the final scene in which Phil awakens next to Rita, as how or whether Phil was dressed would affect the tone of the reveal that he had escaped the time loop. Ramis polled the crew, who were split between Phil wearing the same clothes as the previous night and different clothes that suggested the pair had been intimate.

Many locations in and around Woodstock were used in the production. The Woodstock Town Square features prominently. A bar in the former courthouse is used for a bar in Rita's hotel. The Woodstock Opera House served for exteriors of Rita's hotel, and its tower is used for Phil's suicide leap. Local demand later led to a real diner at the location. A rail system was used to propel two vehicles into the quarry to give Ramis a choice of shots, pyrotechnics being employed to make each explode.

By , the three all-time highest-grossing films in North America were family-oriented: E. Family films encouraged repeat business and offered more opportunities to sell merchandise. Groundhog Day was rated PG, allowing children access with parental permission. The film was seen as a potential sleeper success. Groundhog Day was one of many family films released that year, including Free Willy , Last Action Hero and the highly anticipated Jurassic Park , which would go on to become the highest-grossing film of its time.

Doubtfire and Indecent Proposal. All of the proceeds were donated to the Woodstock school district. The film benefited from a four-day weekend due to the President's Day holiday Monday. It spent the remainder of its run outside of the top 10 apart from two brief resurgences—one during the long Easter weekend in mid-April where it rose to number 2, and approximately 15 weeks into its run, where it rose to number 7 after being released in low-price ticket theaters. Groundhog Day received generally positive reviews from critics.

It was seen as a significant change from the previous works of Murray and Ramis. He said that Groundhog Day demonstrated Ramis's capable comedic timing, and offered a clever plot without pretension. He said that where that film offered a "grim discontent", Groundhog Day offered optimism. Critics agreed that the film had an obvious moral, but disagreed on its presentation. Desson Thomson found the film initially intriguing but believed it deteriorated into a Hollywood-style morality tale. He continued that Phil evolves into a better version of himself, but never stops being a jerk.

The tone was described as inconsistent, and the film poorly paced, some scenes going on too long. He described some scenes as isolated comedy sketches rather than part of a larger narrative. Ebert called it a comedy on the surface, but with an underlying thoughtfulness. Murray was consistently praised for his performance. Turan also appreciated the endearing performance by Murray compared to his more abrasive, past performances. He continued that Murray was a vital component in keeping the film's optimism from seeming dishonest or manufactured. Hinson liked that even after Phil's redemption, he retains a cynical edge. Critics were enamored with MacDowell's performance.

Siskel said that she lit up the screen when she was on. Groundhog Day was included among these nine films, [94] [95] but received no nominations at the 66th Academy Awards. Despite its relative success, a sequel was ruled out by November Lupoff threatened legal action against the filmmakers, alleging the film copied his short story " P. The case was never formally filed as the film's production company refused to support legal action. The judge ruled against Arden. Murray initially hated the finished Groundhog Day. Ramis wanted to focus on the redeeming power of love. Even so, Murray agreed that Ramis had ultimately been right to do so. After filming concluded, Murray stopped speaking to Ramis. He never contacted Ramis, and refused to speak about him in interviews.

Murray felt that Groundhog Day had given him an opportunity to showcase a different side of himself. He admitted that he was bothered by his perception that his previous films focused on jokes without offering a deeper subtext. Even so, he said that he had found solace in meeting the people entertained by his work. Speaking in , Ramis said that he thought Murray had grown tired of being the manic, energetic person carrying a film, and wanted to explore his potential. Murray's brother Brian declined on his behalf. When Ramis enquired further, Brian said that Murray never discussed Ramis. Except for a few brief exchanges at public events, the pair did not speak for nearly two decades.

Rubin said that Murray and his brother now speak fondly of Ramis. Rubin, despite the film's success, would not be credited with writing any further films. He became in high demand but retained his desire to tell original stories. When offered jobs, he would refuse to tell a traditional Hollywood story arc as he found defying the expected premise and structure to be the most interesting part for him. This was not acceptable for studios looking for him to simply put a Rubin-esque spin on a conventional story. Eventually, the offers stopped coming. He continued to write scripts, but none progressed. In a interview, Rubin admitted some regret that Groundhog Day remained his biggest success.

This set included Ramis' audio commentary and The Weight of Time , and added an interview with Ramis, a short documentary on groundhogs, and deleted scenes. To celebrate the film's 25th-anniversary in February , a remastered 4k resolution version of the film was released in select theaters. It included the same extras as 15th-Anniversary editions. The duration of Phil's real-time entrapment in the time loop has been the subject of much discussion. He replied that it takes at least 10 years to become good at an activity such as Phil learning ice sculpting and to speak French , and "allotting for the down-time and misguided years he spent, it had to be more like 30 or 40 years.

Born to a Jewish family, Ramis had adopted a Buddhist lifestyle from his second wife, embracing some of its precepts. But the point of the movie to me was that you had to feel you were enduring something that was going on for a long time For me it had to be—I don't know. A hundred years. A lifetime. Just as there is no justification for why or how Phil is caught in the loop, the length of time is only as long as it takes for Phil to become a better person. The film has been interpreted in many ways by different groups. He simply wanted to tell a story about human life and periods in it where a person becomes trapped in a cycle no matter how much they want to escape.

Whose life isn't a series of days? Who doesn't feel stuck from time to time? He is referring to his own trapped situation, but the two men, though not trapped in their own loop, know exactly what he means. While Rubin and Ramis discussed several of the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the film, they "never intended [it] to be anything more than a good, heartfelt, entertaining story". By being forced to change who he is, to embrace the world around him, and each moment of his day, it becomes the best day of his life; the day he falls in love. Rubin has been contacted throughout the years by different experts providing their own interpretations. It is set between the end of winter—characterized in the film as a period of satire and the end of things—and spring—a season represented by comedy and connected with themes of renewal and redemption.

Buddhist leaders commended the representation of the ideologies of regeneration. Phil can be interpreted as a bodhisattva , someone who has reached the brink of Nirvana and returns to Earth to help others to do the same. In the Jewish faith, Phil's escape or reward can be seen as him being returned to Earth to perform moral deeds or mitzvot —the precepts and commandments of God. In Christianity, his journey can be interpreted as a form of resurrection or a means of securing a place in heaven. In Falun Gong religious philosophy, the film has been interpreted as a message that the spiritual self cannot evolve until it learns from past mistakes.

We go through life and are not always conscious of it Phil initially compares himself to a god, declaring that as a weatherman, he makes the weather. Unwilling to change himself, the means to do so are forced upon him. At one point he suggests that he has killed himself enough times to no longer exist. It is at this point, Ramis suggests, that Phil becomes ready to change. It is only when Phil stops using the loops to indulge his own desires and instead uses them to selflessly help others that he is freed.

He wins her over only once he stops trying to do so, when he demonstrates genuine care for helping others without fakery or self-interest, knowing that the day will likely reset and it will have all been for naught. Only then does Rita return his affections. Rick Brookhiser argues that it is because Phil fully appreciates every facet of the day that he is rewarded by the day being taken from him.

He said, "loving life includes loving the fact that it goes". By remembering and appreciating new details, Phil is able to grow as a person and becomes the agent of his own change. Groundhog Day is considered one of the most beloved comedy films ever made, an all-time classic, and a pop-culture touchstone. His performance is seen as a transitioning point to later roles in serious films like Rushmore , his Academy Award-nominated performance in Lost in Translation , and Moonrise Kingdom Rubin taught screenwriting at Harvard University for several years.

Its impact on Woodstock and Punxsutawney was lasting and significant. Since the film's release, Woodstock has hosted its own Groundhog Day festivals. These have included groundhog Woodstock Willie, [48] screenings of the film and walking tours of filming locations. The year following the film's release, over 35, people visited the town for Groundhog Day. As of , Rubin had continued to receive mail from fans, philosophers, and religious leaders with content ranging from simple letters to sermons and dissertations.

He has spoken of psychiatrists who recommend the film to their patients, and addicts who have told him that it helped them realize they were trapped in a repeating cycle of their own. He called it "probably the best work I've done", adding "and probably the best work Harold will ever do". He is able to be both antagonist and protagonist at the same time in the same film. Groundhog Day is considered one of the greatest films ever made. The consensus reads, "Smart, sweet, and inventive, Groundhog Day highlights Murray's dramatic gifts while still leaving plenty of room for laughs".

In , The New Yorker called it Ramis's masterpiece. He wrote, "The comedy and the philosophy how shall one live? Bill Murray gives what may be the best and warmest performance of his career in this genius comedy—arguably the best of the s Groundhog Day came fourth, behind Annie Hall , Dr. Strangelove , and Some Like It Hot. Several publications have ranked it as one of the greatest comedy films of all time, including: number one by Empire ; [] number five by Time Out ; [] number 10 by Rotten Tomatoes; [] number 11 by IGN ; [] number 18 by Paste ; [] number 23 by The Daily Telegraph ; [] and unranked by Film School Rejects and Vogue.

William Goldman in said "I think Groundhog Day is the one that will be—of all of the movies that came out this year, it's the one that will be remembered in 10 years". Several filmmakers have spoken of their appreciation for Groundhog Day or cited it as an inspiration in their own careers, including David O. Russell , Terry Jones , [29] and Jay Roach. Roach called it the film that "changed him". The phrase "Groundhog Day" has become a common term to reference a repetitive, unpleasant, and monotonous situation. The narrative concept of someone trapped in a repeating segment of time can be traced back to , and is a popular trope, particularly in science-fiction. On February 2, , fans in Liverpool , England, gathered to watch the film repeatedly for 24 hours.

There was conflict between the scholars as so many of them wanted to write about the film for the presentation. A direct sequel was ruled out shortly after the film's release in He's not going to do it. Filmed in Woodstock, the commercial recreates scenes from the film, and features Murray again trapped in a time loop. Murray provided creative input on the edit. In the years since the film's release, Rubin had worked on a musical adaptation of Groundhog Day , partly out of boredom and partly because a musical was not covered by the rights he had signed over to Columbia. Coming off the success of Matilda the Musical , Warchus and Minchin collaborated with Rubin for several years to produce the Groundhog Day musical.

A video game narrative sequel was released in September The game casts players as Phil's son, Phil Connors Jr. Phil Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Danny Rubin Harold Ramis. Release date. February 12, Running time. Bill Murray left in , and Andie MacDowell in Rubin's original script. See also: in film. See also: Groundhog Day musical. Tim Minchin left in and Matthew Warchus in They worked alongside Danny Rubin to create the Groundhog Day musical. Archived from the original on April 29, Retrieved April 29, British Film Institute. Archived from the original on April 23, Retrieved May 7, Den of Geek.

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