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Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay

Now, Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay than ever Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay are abusing the benefits they receive from the government. The topic of cheating has been very debatable, especially due to our sophisticated and evolving society. Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay athletes are supposed to be the strongest, fastest, most powerful people in the world, and PEDs would make them stronger, faster, and more powerful. Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay drug testing Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay just be used to Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay any persons taking advantage Phillis Wheatley: The Life Of Racism the welfare program for inappropriate use Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay to ensure Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay the Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay will go to the people who are actually in need of it. Follow Facebook Twitter. Blood draws and urine testing are the. Initial Literature Review Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay steroids may be used Essay On European Imperialism In Africa professional body builders to Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay their physique, however their use is also Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay illicit, not only by students but by sporting professionals. Some employees may bring law suits against the employer.

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Athletes will continue to have health adjective issues until the stop using steroids. As stated there are a variety of consequences for athletes that use steroids. By some athletes cheating the game will never be fair for the other athletes. Even though using performance enhancement drugs can give athletes benefits, but it can also cause harm and severe danger as well, therefore using drugs in sports should still be illegal.

Competitors would prepare harder and try to meet their goals while some will attempt to cheat their way by utilizing enhanced medications to expand their capacities even beyond. The want to win is very affected in the idea of games, and a few competitors will do whatever it takes to ascend to the top. Over the most recent few years, numerous competitors in various games have been caught using performance enhancement drugs. At the point when a competitor tests positive to participate in sports, the competitor is either disqualified or suspended for the entire game.

The use of performance-enhancing drugs creates a disadvantage for the athletes that don't use PEDs since they will not perform as well as the athletes that used the drugs during the game or competition. Also, when drugs are used it takes the human effort away from sports where athletes have trained hard. There are many different types of PEDs and here are some of the major ones that are used: Stimulants: Stimulants are substances that act directly on the central nervous system to speed up parts of the brain and body. Anabolic steroids: They build muscle and increase endurance. They are used mostly by football players and weightlifters. By taking drugs this is a common way of cheating themselves into being better athletes than taking the hard way through work and dedication.

For instance, much like students cheating on their tests or having someone else do their work, athletes who break their character and accountability by doing this are only hurting themselves. Although not all athletes do drugs, those who do have bodies that tend to perform at high levels due to the strong effects from the drug. Most athletes are hard workers, but there are a few so-called athletes who use performance enhancing drugs to improve their game which is illegal. Performance-Enhancing-Drugs PED takes advantage of the athletes and their bodies causing more muscles to increase in size and the bloods oxygen capacity. These drugs can be abused by students, and for that reason drug testing should be more intensive.

During a sport all the athletes are required to do drug testing, whether or not they have drugs in their system. These athletes take a urine test which is then sent to a lab. Although that is very effective, some drugs do not show up in the urine like alcohol, oxycodone, methadone to name a few. If sport teams do both urine and blood testing, they could rule out more. With many athletes testing positive for doping, sports are becoming tarnished with athletes trying to gain an unfair advantage on their competitors.

Although players are tested often for such drugs, there are still many loopholes and some drugs are not detected by current systems. So what would cause an athlete to put their body at risk to gain just a slight edge on their competitor? Sports should be a test of real skill, not artificial skills given by doctors. The most common type of doping is stimulants to overcome stress and challenges that athletes have. Is it appropriate for citizens to revolt against steroid use in sports. Athletes should not be able to take steroids to increase their strength. Steroid use in sports is cheating, if found out that a team is doping in sports they can be eliminated from the event. Although some may argue that steroid use in sports can increase athletes performance.

Initial Literature Review Although steroids may be used by professional body builders to enhance their physique, however their use is also considered illicit, not only by students but by sporting professionals. The drug testing will just be used to eliminate any persons taking advantage of the welfare program for inappropriate use and to ensure that the welfare will go to the people who are actually in need of it. While many are more than willing to take the drug tests, there are also quite a few who are very reluctant toward this new qualification. In order to decide whether or not drug testing is a logical and fair requirement, all the pros and cons need to be laid out on the table.

As for the pros of the required drug testing, there are quite a few to take into consideration. For all the tax payers in the world, all the taxes we pay out of our paychecks, pockets, etc. This money then in turn goes to things such as paying schools, funding clubs, and more importantly, to support those persons seeking welfare. Tax payers are obviously working to earn their money, so why should they have to work to pay off the habits of the people who are too lazy to get up and work for it themselves? On that note, drug testing could also be used as an incentive to not use drugs. For the people seeking welfare, the mandatory drug testing can be used for the simple fact that knowing their cash assistance is depending on their sobriety and ability to produce a clean urine sample, that will motivate them to do what they have to do in order to get clean.

Going off the assumption that those people are even stuck in an addiction, the time they gain from not using drugs can be put toward something useful or productive. Studies that include people who left welfare for any reason, including sanction, found that shortly after leaving welfare, half to two-thirds between 53 percent and 70 percent of welfare leavers were employed at a point in time. Durational employment rates over a period of six months to a year were between 70 percent and 80 percent. With financial stability, there will no longer be any need for welfare. Thus, a spot is now provided for someone else who really needs the assistance. As far as applying for welfare goes, in order to receive welfare you will only have to provide one mandatory drug test prior to your approval for assistance.

Normally people who do not receive welfare have a job or are currently looking for a job. When applying for a job, almost every job you apply for will require a mandatory drug test before they hire you. Not only do they require one drug test before, but most often they also require random mandatory drug testing throughout you r employment there. If anything, applying for welfare is much more lenient. The individuals who actually work for their money are usually required to participate in the random drug testing.

The only fair thing to do would to require drug testing for possible welfare recipients as well. While most people are working their life away to earn a living and be able to purchase the things they need, many others are lying around basically being handed their life and luxuries. If people are going to be lazy and accept money from a government agency, which the working class basically works for, the least they could do is be courteous enough to take the single drug test required.

As for the cons, one of the biggest concerns recipients have is the bad stigma drug testing will give against welfare recipients. Although this is a reasonable concern, it also has its plus side. For those applying for welfare, if you are not doing drugs then you have nothing to worry about.

Read More. The results of a drug test can never determine the precise timing. Drug Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay results do not justify the cost of rich victorian food test and is using money Abigails Ulterior Motives In The Crucible could be Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay for something much more important.

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