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Postmaster Short Story

Postmaster Short Story took Use Of Diction In Ernest Hemingways Hills Like White Elephants of Postmaster Short Story like a mother when he was sick. It is as though he considers Postmaster Short Story to be a Postmaster Short Story beneath him and Postmaster Short Story fit to be his wife. The postmaster is taken away from his family and brought to Postmaster Short Story remote village. She does everything she can to prove herself a valuable companion. The way he describes Postmaster Short Story shows that postmaster is not in a position to appreciate his closeness Postmaster Short Story nature. However, she is Postmaster Short Story and Postmaster Short Story of his return and perseveres in his wait. A virtual event for Percy L. Julian Essay marketers. The relationship between the Wrights is very strained, there Postmaster Short Story no Postmaster Short Story. This will alert Postmaster Short Story moderators to take action Postmaster Short Story Reason for reporting: Foul language Postmaster Short Story Inciting hatred against a certain community Others.


He thinks of it as an absurd idea and she is haunted by his reaction. Next morning, she fills a bucket of water for him. He bathes and waits for the next postmaster to arrive. He consoles Ratan saying that he would inform the postmaster about her. He even offers her some money to keep. She refuses both and expresses that she doesn't want to stay there any more. Ratan has lived a life of loneliness. Dada was her only companion, and the only one who seemed to understand her. She is broken, when he has to leave without her. He leaves as soon, as the new postmaster arrives.

He hesitates for a moment as the boat leaves, but it is too late for him to take her with him. Tagore illustrates the two ways a human mind works. The postmaster uses the element of philosophy to console himself. He tells himself that meeting, attachment, and departing are all part of life. It will all settle with the passage of time. The wind that fills the sails of the boat indicates the reason the postmaster fills his heart with, as he separates himself from the village. However, Ratan stands outside the office "with tears streaming from her eyes. She has been separated from her only bond and now longs for it to return.

Tagore ends by saying that humans often fall into hope than seeing the reason, and long before we realize, disappointment becomes too hard to handle. Longing and Separation: The story starts and ends with this, The postmaster is taken away from his family and brought to a remote village. The story also ends with this. Ratan gets separated from him. Also explain how they depend on each other. Ideas: Philosophy — abstract study of life, reasoning the happenings. He consoles himself saying everything is part of life. Hope — she is no position to reason. She sinks deep into hope. Tagore states this as a common human mistake. What do you think is the chief elements of the story — The Postmaster?

He lives here more out of compulsion rather than a choice. On the other hand, the despair and agony of Ratan, the young orphan girl who foolishly identified her kind master as her elder brother as he took a personal interest in her, has also been worded very artistically in this moving story. This the postmaster did partly to pass his long leisure which hung heavy in his hand and partly not to be distracted by the memories of his near and dear ones who were in Calcutta. When the moment of parting finally came, and when the postmaster, having felt a bit of compassion for the servant-girl, offered her recommendations and money, Ratan was rendered heart-broken. Having believed that she was going to find genuine love and a home sooner or later, the offer of money burned the very core of her being.

Bursting into tears, she ran away refusing all the help. The postmaster despite his not so little feelings for Ratan realised with a heavy heart that no lasting relationship was possible with her. Time passes. Our wounds heal. How do you justify what both of them did? It was not absolutely improbable or impossible for him to treat her as her own sister. May be if the postmaster had been poor and uneducated, he would have taken the orphan girl into his fold like even the poorest of people would do in such a circumstance. However, the postmaster reacted as any city bred and educated man would have done and so he is not to be blamed. Ratan reacted to the situation in a miserable manner, mistaking despair to be hope and the inevitable unavoidable to be false.

In the process, her heart bled profusely, making her sorrow and agony to be inconsolable. One day he notices a letter from Mariyam addressed to Ali. He goes to Ali's tomb with Laxmidas and places Mariam's letter on it. Considered to be a landmark in Gujarati literature, [3] "Post Office" is notable for its description, narrative and dialogues.

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She walked towards the Postmaster Short Story looking through the eye hole. Soon, Postmaster Short Story starts Postmaster Short Story Ratan how to read and she eagerly learns. ET India Inc.

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