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The Longest Ride Comparison

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Girl Meets Texas and The Longest Ride Comparison

Describing her design process, Hagler said she was foremost thinking about the children who come in contact with the Sally Ride quarter. It widens possibilities for us, it widens our horizons. Between Hagler's concept and the final approved design, at least one change was made: Ride's flight suit gained more patches. Hagler's original line art included a simplified version of the STS-7 mission patch, the insignia for the space shuttle Challenger flight on which Ride made history. Medallic artist Phebe Hemphill will use Hagler's revised art to create the sculpt that will be used to strike the coins.

A date for the Sally Ride American Women quarter to enter circulation is still to be announced. The obverse or head's side of each American Women quarter will maintain the likeness of George Washington, but will be different from the portrait used on earlier quarter dollars. The coins will display sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser's artwork that was originally composed as a candidate to mark Washington's th birthday but was rejected for the quarter. All rights reserved. Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: community space. Climbing on the bike as it ticks over prior to our morning ride in Manchester, I blip the throttle to have a first listen to the new bikes exhaust note.

At idle the engine has a refined exhaust note, with very low vibration levels. Heading out of central Manchester we pick up the A and up into the Peak District. In reality, on these roads, in this kg form, bhp is more than ample. Harley has always made less seem like more, and have been churning out bikes with subbhp power outputs for years that can still raise a grin on a twisty B-road.

With all the torque of a traditional H-D motorcycle, but a top-end to rival the European and British bikes, the new Sportster S amplifies the point and squirt sensation. The engine pulls hard from low revs and never feels like it's chugging as some Harleys do. The assisted slipper clutch does an adequate job of smoothing out ham-fisted downshifts, although an audible chirp from the rear tyre can still be heard on occasions. For me, sport is holding tight lines in corners, and placing the bike on a postage-stamp-sized piece of the road, using nothing more than the power of thought.

The initial turn-in is slow, with a fair amount of upper body effort required to break the laws of physics and actually get the thing to turn! Once you have the Sportster on its ear it will hold a line, although minute changes in direction once you are in the turn area little trickier. The suspension system on the Sportster S features 43 mm inverted forks with compression, rebound and spring preload adjustability, and a piggyback rear shock with compression, rebound and hydraulic spring preload adjustability — via a handy remote adjuster on the left side of the seat unit.

On stock settings, the bike feels firm. As soon as we hit the stunning Snake Pass though, I was ushering some support back into the rear end. You only have a couple of inches of travel at the rear, and not much more at the front. With such tight tolerances at each end, you are fairly limited to setting the bike somewhere between firm and very firm. The Brembo braking system on the Harley-Davidson Sportster S raised some eyebrows when the first official images of the bike landed. Admittedly, slinging a single front disc on anything with bhp seems an odd choice, and two really is the magic number when it comes to brake discs on motorcycles. Speaking to Brad Richards, VP of styling and design, the decision was made to give the front end a certain look and style.

I get it and can see that it does accentuate the size of that ginormous front wheel. For me though, the performance benefit of an extra four pistons and another mm brake disc trump the aesthetic argument. There are three pre-programmed riding modes Rain, Road, and Sport and two more user-configurable options. As with the Pan America we rode a couple of months back , the riding modes are all changed on the fly via the large and easy to find button on the right-hand switch cube. And as is the case with its adventure-sized cousin, each riding mode delivers a distinctly different riding experienced. Rain mode is so soft and welcoming your granny would feel comfortable using it. Switching up to Road sees a significant step up in power output and throttle delivery, with Sport Mode upping the ante further still.

Bluetooth connectivity comes as standard, meaning you can hook up your phone and enjoy turn-by-turn navigation, ride mapping and more through the H-D app. The electronics package on the bike also comes courtesy of the Pan America, meaning you have lean-sensitive traction control switchable including off , ABS, cruise control and full LED lighting with cornering lights. The switchgear, another item handed from the larger adventure bike, features chunky switch cubes that are fairly easy to use, although the indicator is fiddly to cancel for the first few rides.

Hardware on the bikes comes in the form of Brembo brakes and span adjustable master cylinders. The tyres are lightly treaded with a sporty profile to them. On dry roads and given the chance to build some heat into the carcass, they grip well. The traction control can be seen cutting in on damp roads, although the intervention is almost imperceivable. Reduce the intervention — or turn it off altogether via the left switch cube — and the rear tyre will light up on demand, even lifting the front off the road if needed. With an After completing a mile loop on mixed roads, my bike was just tripping the reserve sensor.

Keep in mind though this was a bike with around miles on its bores before I was handed the keys — more miles should come as it all loosens up. With shortish trips to be had, the Harley-Davidson Sportster S will be giving you ample opportunity to stretch your legs. Save for the fairly firm seat, the bike is actually fairly comfortable. The feet-forward configuration is standard on this model, with the mid-sets being the after-market option, and they make more sense for me. The bars of the bike are fairly narrow but with just enough lift and sweep in the design to bring them within easy reach of even the shortest riders. Away from the peg-scraping antics of Snake Pass, the new bike is surprisingly well mannered.

Harley has worked hard to eliminate the rumble, with two internal balancers in the engine masking untoward frequencies from the cc unit.

The Longest Ride Comparison Touareg. Keep in mind there are 4 ride systems in Rise of the Resistancebut this ride vehicle will be the primary The Longest Ride Comparison you travel around the star destroyer with. The Longest Ride Comparison no vibes to Scrooge Regret Analysis The Longest Ride Comparison, the riding experience is thoroughly modern, and something that I personally think improves The Longest Ride Comparison overall enjoyment of the bike.

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